Brown Butter Creamed Baby Greens

Serves 6

2 lb baby collard, mustard and kale greens mixed (can use spinach) blanched & chopped
2 cup bechamel
1c minced green onion
2 tsp minced green garlic
½ c heavy cream
4 tbl whole unsalted butter
salt & pepper
Bacon lardons


  1. Destem, wash and tear greens into large strips
  2. Heat butter in large skillet and cook until golden brown, add onion and garlic, cook till onion softens(around two minutes), be careful not to burn butter
  3. add greens and toss until wilted, add bechamel and stir to incorporate
  4. add heavy cream. Season with salt and pepper and cook over medium high heat until liquid reduces and coats greens. stir often to prevent scorching
  5. add bacon, adjust acid with vinegar and serve


The weight of the greens can be deceiving. If the greens are fully mature then the stem will outweigh the leaf, that is why I use baby greens. What you want is around 4 quarts of cleaned, torn greens.


2 cups whole milk
2 tbl whole butter
2 tbl whole flour
1 ea bay leaf
6 ea peppercorn
1 ea minced shallot


  1. Melt butter, stir in flour and cook over medium low heat for 1 minute. Slowly whisk in milk, add bay leaf, peppercorns and shallot and bring to a boil while stirring
  2. Reduce heat to low and cook 5 minutes, stirring all the while to prevent scorching
  3. Strain and reserve