The Peachtree Road Farmers Market aims to provide and grow community. The following programs help us meet the needs of our community and expand the growing local food movement.

Chef Demos:

On Saturday mornings at 10 am, we invite chefs who are actively buying from our farmers to teach our shoppers how to cook with local products.  These chef demonstrations are designed to highlight the seasonal ingredients and be simple enough to make at home. We believe chefs who are buying locally should be celebrated, and we hope you dine with our chef partners.  Our partnership with Whole Foods Markets offers us ingredients not available at the market through an in-kind donation.

Wholesome Wave:

Peachtree Road Farmers Market is a Wholesome Wave Market participating in the Double Value Program. Every SNAP/Food Stamp dollar spent at a Wholesome Wave Georgia (WWG) partner farmers market becomes two dollars for the shopper and the farmer. SNAP recipients can double up to $50 Electronic Benefit Transaction (EBT) every time that they attend a market. In 2016, over $20,000 in SNAP benefits was spent on fresh, local food at PRFM. If you’d like to support this program, please make a donation through our website and add the note “fresh food for all.”

Annual Reusable Bag Contest:

Each year we partner with Country Financial to create a custom reusable market bag featuring a design by a local high school student.  The winning design is printed on bags that are given away at the market and the student receives a $1,000 college scholarship.  Two runners up also receive $500 scholarships. The winners will be announced April 15th, 2017 and we will include a gallery of honorable mentions.

Meals on Wheels:

Each week Meals on Wheels Atlanta helps the market buy the leftover produce from the market farmers. Approximately 150 lbs. of food is purchased each Saturday and then distributed to Meals on Wheels recipients –whole and fresh as an additional food source. This program helps reduce food waste and ensures that our community members who are most at risk receive the nutrition they need. If you’d like to support this program, please make a donation through our website and add the note “MOW.”

Fruit Trees for Farmers:

Investment in the future is an important pillar of how we operate our market. We know our shoppers want more locally grown fruit, and our farmers are willing to invest the 2-4 years to grow it. PRFM bridges the gap by purchasing fruit trees and berry bushes for our farmers who own their land and can demonstrate an orchard plan. In 2016, the market invested over $8,000 in fruit trees and bushes through the ALFI Fruit Tree Sale. If you’d like to support this program, please make a donation through our website and add the note “fruit trees.”

One Table:

OneTable recently set up an Atlanta operation and helps post-college people in their 20s and 30s find, enjoy and share Shabbat dinners. They do this in part by providing $15/person for hosts to spend on food for the meal. We are now one of the partner organizations where hosts can spend their food budget.

Old Ways:

In 2017 we will offer The Old Ways: The African Heritage Diet  classes to teach a way of eating based on the healthy food traditions of people with African roots. This way of eating is powerfully nutritious and delicious, and naturally meets the guidelines experts recommend for supporting good health. Oldways has sought out traditional eating habits from around the world, with certified instructors who engage their community in learning culturally specific dietary traditions. You may be familiar with the organization for its well known Whole Grain Stamp or the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid. Their aim is to encourage eating practices that are culturally relevant, optimal for good health and good for the planet.

To integrate this practice of using cultural foods to improve health outcomes, PRFM, the Georgia Farmers Market Association and Oldways have partnered to offer the African Heritage & Health program.  The 6-week course: A Taste of African Heritage Cooking Classes blends nutrition and cultural history with simple, delicious cooking techniques to inspire a whole new way of eating through the “old ways.”


Nourish!: A Guide to Incorporating Local Food at the Family Table

At the farmers market, one thing that we have found to be an incredible selling point is the quality of the food. There is no better way to communicate this than to engage shoppers in hands-on, experiential learning. Markets have historically achieved this through food samples in the hopes of getting shoppers to taste the difference in quality. Nourish takes the effectiveness of offering samples and transforms it into an interactive, on-site cooking experience where shoppers can learn how to create meals using market produce. It offers market outreach coordinators an opportunity to have an in-depth learning experience to create engaging food demonstrations at their markets. The course walks participants through methods of preparing food that are best suited for farmers markets and emphasizes meal preparation that is seasonal and local.   This educational opportunity is presented in partnership with The Georgia Farmers Market Association.

The Market also provides ongoing educational sessions to our market vendors at no cost in areas such as: marketing, social media, sales, financial practices, licenses, basic website design and customer service.

AgSouth Farm Credit

AgSouth Farm Credit has awarded the Peachtree Road Farmers Market with a grant designed to help market patrons "think farm fresh" when planning meals. The grant will be used for advertising and promotion of the market through our Buy 7 contest in August. The contest encourages shoppers to purchase 7 different kinds of fruits and vegetables to win a $20 gift certificate for the market and shoppers receive a free AgSouth bag to fill with veggie goodness. 

These programs would not be possible without support from our PARTNERS:


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