Take Action on the Farm Bill


The community at the Peachtree Road Farmers Market at the Cathedral of St. Philip is adding its voice to reject the proposal of the Farm Bill in its current form. The Farmers Market Coalition has summed up the issue rather succinctly here: 

"'Without mandatory funding for the Farmers Market Promotion Program, the Farmers Market Coalition cannot support this bill in its current form,' said Jen Cheek, FMC Executive Director. FMC urges congress to reinstate full mandatory funding for FMLFPP, and looks forward to a farm bill that supports independent farmers and their markets with enthusiasm."

Learn more about the farm bill and the FMC here.

We urge you to call your representatives and add your voice. These grants and funds help keep our small and sustainable farmers in business and provide fresh, healthy, local food available to Georgia families. Here's how you can take action:

Contact your representatives and ask them to vote no on the bill, unless full mandatory funding for the Farmers Market Promotion Program is reinstated. Click here to find contact information for your Representative, and use the sample script below to call or email them TODAY. The vote will likely take place by the end of the week, so we need to speak up now!


Dear Congressman/Congresswoman _______,

(IDENTIFY YOURSELF, YOUR LOCATION, AND YOUR CONNECTIONS TO FARMERS MARKETS. FOR EXAMPLE: “My name is Johnny Appleseed. I’m a resident of Atlanta, Georgia and I attend my local farmers market every week.)

As the House farm bill heads to a vote, I respectfully ask that you vote no, unless full mandatory funding for the Farmers Market Promotion Program is reinstated.

The Farmers Market Promotion Program is vital to farmers markets and the farmers who rely on them. Mandatory funding for the program needs to be preserved. Thank you.