Fire in Our Bellies

Kevin Gillespie – 11/3
Chef Demo & Cookbook Signing
9:00 to 12:00 – books for sale
10:00 a.m. – demo, then signing
Chef Demos are sponsored by
Whole Foods Market
For our comprehensive food-celebrity-crush-love-letter to Chef Kevin Gillespie, check here and here. To catch up with the man himself and learn more about his recently released cookbook, Fire in My Belly, and upcoming Glenwood Park restaurant, Gunshow (spring 2013), check PRFM this Saturday. When he’s not busy repping Southern food to the extreme and accepting praise from critics and fans alike, he’s planning another cookbook. We’re starting to think that fire in his belly comes with extra hours in the day, but we’re ok with it—more Kevin Gillespie hours = more tasty Southern love = balance restored to the universe just in time for the holidays.

Also this Saturday…

Free Health Screenings by
Mercer University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Also just in time for the holidays? For real: blood pressure, cholesterol, and BMI screenings, plus education on cardiovascular disease, stroke, and high cholesterol. Get your veggies & your check-up at the same time. It’s not even Thanksgiving and you’re multitasking like a pro. Boom.

- Jennifer Maley