Spring Fling

This week at PRFM...
Stop by the Market for all of your cook-out goodies: from hot dogs to buns, fruit to veggies, and of course, the all-important...dessert! We've got everything you need to have a long weekend of impressively delicious local fare.

Chef Demo with Justin Burdett 
10:00 a.m. on 5/26
Chef Demos are sponsored by
Whole Foods Market
Speaking of impressive and delicious...you'll also want to check out this week's demo with Chef Justin Burdett. Last year, we shared with you all about his fine work at one of our city's best farm-to-table restaurants, Miller Union. And Justin remains one of our favorite Market friends for all the same reasons. Join him this Saturday for tips on using the season's best to create beautiful Southern dishes. We guarantee you'll never look at spring onions the same way!

Cookbook Signing
Souper Jenny Does Salads
It's time to celebrate! Souper Jenny debuts her newest cookbook at PRFM this Saturday and will be signing copies all day. You've come to love her soulful soups—now discover how to make those scrumptious salads, too!

Next week, don't forget!
Friday night Market instead of Sat...
June 1st from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m.
One night only! PRFM is bringin’ it on a Friday instead of a Saturday, y’all. Tunes by bluegrass band The Farmland Trio, snackies and dinner from Atlanta’s best food trucks, produce and such from your favorite farmers market vendors, and (as if that weren’t enough to get your weekend going) our own PRFM Iron Chef-style competition. Oh, it’s gonna be brought. So plan to stop by for groceries, dinner, and then a show: the competing chefs will have $45 dollars to shop for ingredients to create plates for 100 patrons (you) to enjoy (and vote on) at 6:00 p.m. The price of tickets is $5 (on sale beginning at 4 p.m.). The price of this much foodie fun on a Friday? Priceless. Participating chefs: Jared Lee of HD1, David Gross of Market, Patric Bell, Justin Balmes, Suzanne Vizethann of The Hungry Peach, and Meghan Lewis of Whole Foods.

- Jennifer Maley