Vegetable Virtuoso

Don’t miss this week’s Chef Demo with
David Sweeney – 10:00 am on 5/14
Chef Demos are sponsored by Whole Foods Market

If you love vegetables, you’ll love Chef David Sweeney. If you hate vegetables, you’ll love Chef David Sweeney. He’s just that good. Atlantans came to know and (with just repetition) love Chef Sweeney when he brought us Dynamic Dish, the much-missed restaurant that gave diners fresh, seasonal, clean (and not least of all, yummy) foods that benefited their mental, physical, and spiritual health. His ideology of balance, health, and community informed Chef Sweeney’s beautiful food at Dynamic Dish for three years; and it’s an ideology that fits his new role perfectly as Chef de Jardin (Chef of the Garden) at Restaurant Eugene. From his time as a vegetarian and biodynamic caterer in Munich, Germany (where he grew up in an Army family), to his matchless creations at Dynamic Dish, to his unique place on the Restaurant Eugene team, Chef David Sweeney has the utmost care for ingredients and their impact on the plate and on your palette. You won’t want to miss his demo this Saturday as he talks about the importance of using local honey and prepares a vegetarian, gluten-free dish—a dish that is sure to inspire and delight, much like its chef.

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- Jennifer Maley