This Week at PRFM

Stop by the Market this Saturday for fresh fruits and veggies like mulberries, tomatoes, fennel, squash, cabbage, radishes, arugula, asparagus, beets, carrots, peas, potatoes, and more—even hot dogs and buns! Stay awhile and check out this week’s events:

Canning 101: Chef Linton Hopkins
10:00 am on 5/28
Chef Demos are sponsored by
Whole Foods Market
Think “putting up with it” has to be a bad thing? Well, we think that depends on the “it.” You won’t want to miss this Saturday’s canning demo with the master himself, Chef Linton Hopkins. Learn how to put up what our farmers are throwing down (for you literal folks, that means canning the season’s best produce at its peak so you can enjoy it year-round). Chef Hopkins will show you the basics of home canning and share coupons for jars and canning kits to get you started—Yes, you CAN!

The Learning Patch (you know, for kids)
Topic on 5/28—Worms!
The Learning Patch is a hands-on education area for kids of all ages, sponsored by The Captain Planet Foundation. This week we’ll be learning all about WORMS—time to dig in!

On Sale this Saturday:
Premiere tickets to GROW!
In-town Atlanta Premiere of GROW!
Saturday, June 11th at 1:00 p.m.
(following the Peachtree Road Farmers Market)
Inside Cathedral of St. Philip, Child Hall
2744 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, GA 30305
Benefiting the Emergency Farmer Fund and the Peachtree Road Farmers Market

Join the Peachtree Road Farmers Market for the in-town Atlanta premiere of GROW!, a film produced by Anthony-Masterson. A documentary about young, sustainable and organic farmers, GROW! captures the energy of a fresh crop of farmers who have turned to the fields for a fulfilling life. The film takes a look at this brave new world of sustainable farming through the eyes, hearts and minds of 20 idealistic, passionate and fiercely independent farmers. In GROW! they speak of both the joys and the challenges involved in tending the land. Filmed during an entire growing season on 12 farms throughout Georgia, GROW! provides an honest and inspiring look at this next generation of farmers. Anybody who appreciates the value of good, wholesome food grown close to home, who cares about our food supply and the future of farming, will want to see GROW! Proceeds from this screening will benefit the Emergency Farmer Fund, which offers immediate aid to farmers in crisis after natural disasters, and the Peachtree Road Farmers Market, Georgia’s largest producer-only market.

Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door and include refreshments by YEAH! Burger.
Advance ticket purchase is strongly recommended. Tickets are available for purchase at the Peachtree Road Farmers Market on May 28th, June 4th & June 11th, or by phone at 404-365-1078. For more information about GROW! visit

- Jennifer Maley