Help Support GreenLeaf Farms

We all know and love Farmer Greg Brown of GreenLeaf Farms in Barnesville; you’ve seen his smiling face each Saturday for the past two Market seasons. Now he needs our help. His health condition has not only resulted in some very high medical bills, it's also taken him out of commission on the farm for a bit. One of the risks self-employed, sustainable farmers take to provide the rest of us with clean food is forgoing any sort of benefits package. So when the hard times hit, sometimes they hit very hard.

That's why we're hoping to raise money to help Farmer Greg keep GreenLeaf Farms. Whether you know Greg personally, have enjoyed his delicious produce, or simply want to make sure that sustainable farmers like him get the help they deserve when they need it most, please consider donating $10 or whatever you can. Join the 80 other supporters on the ChipIn site to donate!