Resolve to Support YOUR Farmers Markets TONIGHT!

New Year = New Rules?

Dear Supporters,

Tonight will be the first in a series of meetings that decide the fate of your farmers markets. A new zoning amendment has been drafted with the help of The City of Atlanta Office of Sustainability, Georgia Organics and local Farmers Markets to define “farmers market” and to establish criteria for the success of neighborhood markets. We SUPPORT the proposed amendment. Show your support by attending the Neighborhood Planning Unit meetings for your area and by telling the board that you support the Z-10-030 amendment that would allow legitimate farmers markets to continue to operate.

We need YOU! We are asking for your help to support this new amendment by attending your neighborhood planning unit meetings beginning tonight!
Below, please find a list of the meetings, a summary of the amendment, and the full draft of the proposed amendment. Please come and voice your support at the meetings listed below, beginning TONIGHT – signs are encouraged!

Meeting date TONIGHT: 1/4/2011

NPU (Neighborhood Planning Unit) B
Closest Market: Peachtree Road Farmers Market
Meeting details: Cathedral of Christ the King 2699 Peachtree Road, N.E.

Closest Market: Peachtree Road & NW Area Farmers Market
Meeting details: Trinity Presbyterian Church, 3003 Howell Mill Road

Meeting date: 1/11/2011
Closest Market: Westend Farmers Market
Meeting details: Hagar Missionary CMT-19 Joseph E. Lowery

Meeting date: 1/12/2011
Closest Market: Westend Farmers Market
Meeting details: Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club-1191 Donnelly Ave.

Meeting date: 1/20/2011
Closest Market: NW Area Farmers Market
Meeting details: Zone 1 Precinct-2315 D.L. Hollowell Pkwy., NW

Meeting date: 1/25/2011 *Two locations
Closest Market: Westend Farmers Market
Meeting details: Atlanta Job Corp 239 West Lake Drive, NW

Closest Market: East Lake Farmers Market
Meeting details: TBD

Meeting date: 1/26/2011
Closest Market: East Atl Farmers Market
Meeting details: Martha Brown United Methodist Church.1205 Metropolitan Avenue, S.E.

Farmers’ Market Text Amendment Z-10-30

This text amendment proposes to modify and revise certain provisions of the Zoning Ordinance to:

Create a definition for Farmer’s Markets, producer, farm products, and value-added farm products.

Identify zoning districts where they would be permitted, and
Establish minimum criteria under which such establishments may operate.

Substantive Changes to the Regulations

1) Changes to Chapter 16-29.001of the City of Atlanta Municipal Code:

a) Farmers Markets: a new definition of “farmers’ market” as an outdoor market open to the public selling farm products or value-added farm products. It also defines the following key terms within the farmers’ market definition: producer, farm products, and value-added farm products.

b) SAP revised permit duration: Currently Farmers’ Markets may only receive a Special Administrative Permit (SAP) for 90 days. The revised SAP permitting process will accommodate the full growing season of local. SAPs issued for Farmers’ Markets will be valid for 12 months and require annual renewal.

c) SAP Permit Criteria: Establishment of minimum criteria under which Farmers’ Markets may operate. The criteria include specification of operating procedures, on-site management and operations, parameters for hours of operation, recycling and waste removal.

2) Changes to the Zoning Ordinance to allow farmers’ markets as permitted uses in the following zoning districts:

Residential Limited Commercial (RLC)
Office Institutional (O-I)
Commercial (C-1 through C-5)
Industrial (I-1 and I-2)
Planned Developed Districts (PD-MU, PD-PB and PD-OC )
In the following zoning districts Farmer’s Markets shall be limited to parcels used as churches, synagogues, temples, mosques and other religious worship facilities or schools:
Single Family and Two Family Districts (R-1 through R-5)
Multi-family Districts (RG and MR)
SPI Districts – residential subareas

3) Parking: Establish minimum parking requirements for Farmer’s Markets for on-site and off-site parking arrangements.

Neighborhood Commercial (NC)
Live Work (LW)
Mixed Residential Commercial (MRC)
SPI districts

Other Organizational Changes

Certification: The Mayor’s Office of Sustainability will certify that at least one Producer is qualified to operate at the Farmers’ Market before the Office of Planning may approve an application for a Farmers’ Market special administrative permit.


Questions? Need More Information? Contact…

Mandy Mahoney Enrique Bascuñana

City of Atlanta, Office of Sustainability City of Atlanta, Office of Planning

404-954-8488 or 404-330-6296 or

Documents available for download at