Coming up Rosebud’s

Join us for this week’s Chef Demo with Ron Eyester
of Rosebud – 10:00 am on 8/28

Chef Demos are sponsored by Whole Foods Market

As with any good calling, Ron Eyester had a feeling he would make his career in the restaurant business the minute he stepped onto the line. Ron was exposed to great food from his childhood growing up in New York to his college years at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. His addiction to the way of the stovetop was evident beginning in his late teens, when he took his first restaurant job, but it was while working on his Masters Degree back in New York that Ron experienced an epiphany of sorts and decided to pursue a career in the kitchen.

A 16-year restaurant veteran, Eyester credits his bold, creative cooking style to his diverse path in the restaurant world; his nomadic journey ultimately lead him to Atlanta’s Food 101 then to open highly-acclaimed Rosebud one year ago. His skills come not from formal training, but through watching mistakes made in the kitchen and by making a few himself, resulting in a keen sensibility and rockin’ sense of humor. His cuisine is clean, precise and all about enjoying the season’s best at it’s best.

Chef Ron explains his approach to food in his recent feature in Local Planet, “I’m a businessman, a chef and a convinced advocate for local food – in that order. I support buying local, provided it allows me to run my restaurant profitably, take care of my staff and serve the best food possible. Anything else is not sustainable in the long run” according to Eyester. “In the end, it all comes down to individual choices, guided by a sense of community. If local product of equal quality and at a reasonable price is available, then it wins hands-down. As it should.”

Check out Eyester’s fresh take on local food at his demo this Saturday. You know that a Chef who does dinners inspired by the Grateful Dead and the Beatles, and who brings Atlantans Monday night brunch, will get your Saturday started in style!

- Jennifer Maley