Market Mash Up: Candied Guanciale with Suspended Fall Squash and Chive Clabber Cream

1 lb Guanciale
1 C Sanding Sugar
3 ea variety of fall squash to make 2234 g squash puree
Chicken stock
Clabber cream
Salted Butter
8.9 g calcium lactate
8.9 g kappa carrageenan
.22 g iota carrageenan

  1. Dust your Guanciale with sugar and bake, weighted in the oven for 8 minutes on 350 or until golden brown with Silpats. Pull and reserve.
  2. Make your Squash Puree by 1st roasting in the oven with desired spices until fork tender. Pull and take the squash meat out of the skin and top meat with equal parts of milk, cream, and chicken stock until covered.
  3. Cook and reduce liquid by 1/3. Put in blender. Make puree into a thick soup consistency. Cook until warm.
  4. Add back to blender. Add lactate, kappa and iota. Blend for two minutes. Boil for 1 minute.
  5. Put into tray. Cool. Remove from heat and pulse in blender adding small amounts of ice cold butter until silky texture and viscosity and desired consistency.
  6. Add small dollop on to Candied Guanciale and garnish with chives and clabber cream.