Cucumber & Tomato Salad with Pickled Onions & Yogurt-Feta Dressing

Makes about 6 cups.

1.5 lb cucumbers
1.5 lb Cherry tomatoes- tricolor and Sun Golds
1/2 c quick-pickled onions
¾ cup – 1 cup yogurt-feta dressing
1-2ea tarragon sprigs
1 ea basil sprigs
*optional* - shaved spicy chile (jalapeno, serrano, etc)
2T salt
2T fresh ground black pepper

  1. Halve the cucumbers & cut into 1/2 moon slices. Finely chop the herbs & slice the peaches, then combine all ingredients in a bowl to mix. Adjust seasoning as needed & serve.

Quick-pickled onions

1 lb onions
1.5 c red wine vinegar
1 c water
1T kosher salt
pinch sugar
*optional* - 1T sachet of pickling spice

  1. Peel the onions, keeping the root end intact. Shave into thin rings on a mandoline & set aside. Meanwhile, combine the first 4 ingredients in a sauce pot & bring to a boil. Once it reaches a boil, remove from the heat & pour the pickling liquid over the shaved onions. Let the onions cool to room temp then refrigerate.