Blackened Cabbage with Peach and Squash Relish, Woodsman & Wife Ricotta & Blackberry Jam

Blackened Cabbage

1 cabbage
As needed, creole seasoning

  1. Cut the cabbage into wedges ¼ or 1/8 depending on the size of the cabbage. Leave the core intact so the wedge holds together
  2. Blanch the cabbage wedges just until they are soft and chill

To Blacken the Cabbage

  1. Season the cabbage with creole seasoning on one side
  2. In a cast iron skillet, over high heat, sear the cabbage seasoned side down until it get nice a caramelized


For the Relish

2 cup Small dice mixed squash and zucchini
2 cup dice peaches
¼ cup olive oil
2 Tbl blackberry jam
2 Tbl chiffonade of fresh basil

  1. In a mixing bowl, mix all the ingredients and let marinate over night to macerate the squash and peaches

¼ - ½ cup fresh ricotta

To plate

  1. Spoon some fresh ricotta on to the bottom of a round plate

  2. Place the blackened cabbage wedge on top of the ricotta

  3. Spoon the squash and peach relish over the cabbage and serve.

Note:  The cabbage can be served hot or cold.